Summer 2015 Poultry Press NEXT
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International Respect for Chickens Day Protest
Blasts San Francisco Meat Company

Our International Respect for Chickens Day event in San Francisco on May 2 was a huge success! UPC’s collaboration with Direct Action Everywhere brought 40 people for our protest at the Golden Gate Meat Company in the Ferry Building. Two brave activists gave moving speeches about the plight of chickens while security guards tried to block our cameras. We then made our way to an outdoor restaurant for the activists to give their speeches to customers. Police attempted to block our protest from restaurant patrons by holding up a large blue tarp, but they could still hear us! We gave out over 500 UPC Chickens brochures to tourists and passersby. What a moving and powerful day of activism! – UPC Projects Manager Hope Bohanec

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Summer 2015 Poultry Press NEXT