Freddaflower Memorial & Appreciation Fund

The pain of losing them is the price we pay for the privilege of knowing them and sharing their lives . . .

We thank those people who have contributed to our work with recent donations In Loving Memory and in Honor and Appreciation of the following beloved family members and friends, both those who have passed away and those who are with us.

  • My gift is made in honor of Pam Baker for her birthday. Pam recently rescued two “broiler” chickens. They could barely walk when she first got them. Now they are strong, happy, and confident. Thank you for all you do. – Holly Pearson

  • My donation is for my friend, Val Menz. Please send her your latest issue of Poultry Press. Thank you. – Henry Brisen

  • My gift is for Casper, My Brave Boy. RIP. – Catherine Broadhead

  • My donation is in honor of Mother’s Day for Dr. Joan Poster. – Meredith Poster

  • My donation is in memory of Rikki, a very lovable female pit bull. – Miriam A. Cohen

  • In loving memory of Felix, my handsome red tabby, and Noel, my handsome blue Siamese. I miss Felix waiting by the door for me and sleeping on my bed. I miss Noel’s daily conversations and his sweet face. “I think of you every day and love and miss you every day. Behave yourselves in Heaven, especially after earning your wings. Love always, your mom, Ana A. Garcia”

  • In memory of Winona and Mabel, my beloved chickens. They passed recently when they were 10 years old. They will always be remembered. – Victoria Figurelli

  • My Aunt’s beloved goose, Daisy, was killed by a predator. I’m sending this gift in her memory. – Sarah Smith

  • In memory of the Love of my Life, my cockatiel, The Hen. “You opened my eyes and heart. I miss you.” – Lorraine Nicotera

  • In memory of Liberty the hen, who could not be caged. – Lisa Andrews

  • In memory of Charlie Russell and his work with the bears. He devoted his life to bears and to challenging the lies we’ve been told about their nature. Charlie experienced devastating heartbreaks in the course of his work, but he never quit. Three years ago, his words motivated a major life change for me. A remarkable man who showed us the true bear spirit. – Susan Vickery

  • My gift is in loving memory of Dave Middlesworth, who worked tirelessly for animal welfare and was the cofounder of the cruelty-free dog food, V-Dog, now run by our son Darren, and still going strong. – Linda Middlesworth

  • In honor of Nero, Fredericka, Julie, Nathaniel, Leonard, and Bertha, remembered forever and sadly missed. – Paul Deane

  • My gift is in honor of All God’s Creatures. – Brien Comerford

    Karen and Chicklett II
  • In loving memory of Chicklett, beloved UPC sanctuary rooster, April 7, 2017-May 17, 2018. – Cathy & Hans DeBoer