People are Gobbling Up Meat Replacements!

A vegetarian version of Kentucky Fried Chicken is in the works.

KFC is developing a vegetarian version of its fried chicken, the company announced in June. The product is being developed first for its outlets in the United Kingdom, where other fast-food restaurants with vegan menus are flourishing.

KFC is responding to a growing demand for plant-powered meals free of animal parts. More and more people want foods that are healthy, environmentally responsible, and compassionate to animals. As a result, sales of “meat replacement” products are rising sharply in both the U.S. and the U.K., according to food trend analysts. Meat-free meat is not just a fad. It’s a trend that hopefully is leading to a way of life that is here to stay.

“We just finished a wonderful meal of coconut curry chickpea stew (featured in Poultry Press, Spring 2018). I wanted to tell you we always look forward to trying the recipe in each publication. We especially enjoyed Mrs. Gobblegood’s Golden Brown pie last fall. I took them to two different vegan potlucks and they were big hits at both. Thank you for all the good you do.” – Ginger Hindman

Say No to a Mouthful of Misery. Choose Vegan.

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