Floating Factory Farms

Floating Farm

A February 24, 2020 article in the agribusiness publication Poultry World describes a concrete deck barge on which 35 dairy cows are confined on the top deck in the city of Rotterdam in the Netherlands. The floating animal farm is touted as a way to raise cows and chickens that frees up dwindling land availability, while connecting farm and consumer at a time when consumers “don’t have a clue anymore where their food comes from.”

According to the article, the “floating dairy farm” is being followed by a floating egg farm encompassing a barge for 7,000 hens “in an aviary system with a range area on the top deck and egg packing and processing equipment on the lower deck.”

These floating farms, though “stabilized,” will move up and down with the tide. One can only imagine how grazing land animals like cows and chickens feel in this alien environment where they are regarded as nothing more than dispensers of mammary milk and eggs for oblivious consumers.