Watch United Poultry Concerns’ 30-Year Anniversary Video!

Karen holding her book Instead of Chicken, Instead of Turkey

Dear Friends of UPC,

The year 2020 marks our 30-year anniversary! To celebrate, we’ve created a powerful 15-minute video capturing the passion, hard work, struggle, dedication, and determination of UPC’s founder and president, Karen Davis. This video highlights the rich history of UPC’s accomplishments over three decades of advocacy. Karen has fought tirelessly for the rights of chickens, turkeys and other birds bred and killed in our food system and other places of suffering and abuse.

UPC has been a groundbreaking force in the animal rights movement, focusing on the farmed animals with the least protections and attention, chickens and turkeys. Thirty years after its founding in 1990, United Poultry Concerns can be credited with much of our progress forward for these wonderful but cruelly treated and poorly understood birds.

We are so grateful to all of our supporters, volunteers, staff, and friends, over the past 30 years. We recognize that these are unprecedented and uncertain times, but what is certain is that UPC will continue to speak out and expose the suffering of the most vulnerable among us.

Please watch and share this compelling video and support us so we can assure another 30 years of dedicated advocacy. To watch the video, go to

Help us persevere for another 30 years with a $30 donation in honor of our 30-year anniversary. To donate online, go to Or simply send your tax-deductible check or money order to UPC, PO Box 150, Machipongo, VA 23405. All gifts in any amount are gratefully received on behalf of the birds.

Our very special thanks to our Projects Manager, Hope Bohanec, for conceiving and creating this incredible video.

Thank you for your support! – United Poultry Concerns