Beautiful! International Respect for Chickens Gallery of Ideas, Art & Hall of Honor

Crocheted hen sitting on a log
Life-sized huggable chicken sculpture by artist Melissa Swanson

CONGRATULATIONS AND THANKS to all who submitted their ideas and creations to honor the chickens during International Respect for Chickens Month of May.

United Poultry Concerns and Chicken Run Rescue invited an exchange of ideas about how to inspire compassion and action for chickens and were richly rewarded with poetry, art, music performances, letters to the editor, articles about the birds and heroes in the animal rights movement, culinary creations and even furniture for the birds.

This Gallery is and will remain a living testament to the cause of justice for chickens, other domestic fowl and, by extension, all animals. Thanks to all who participated, and remember, please, that every day is Respect for Chickens Day. Keep up the good work till the rest of the world gets it right.

All of the work submitted will remain in the Gallery permanently. This inspired project is the brainchild of Chicken Run Rescue, who conceived and organized it. We are so grateful to CRR on behalf of chickens across the world. To view this glorious Gallery of 43 images, individually and collectively, please visit our International Respect for Chickens Day webpage at

Aretha Chicken... She wants some R-S-P-E-C-T by Bobbi Chaney
Aretha Chicken... She wants some R-E-S-P-E-C-T by Bobbi Chaney

Virgil Butler, 2007 by Mary Britton Clouse
Virgil Butler, 2007 by Mary Britton Clouse

Painting of chickens in a flowering garden

The rescued chickens in this image were photographed at @wildwoodfarmsanctuary. ‑ Beth Redwood