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Winter 2011-2012
Volume 21, Number 4
Vol 21, No 4
Poultry Press
Celebrating 22 years of dedicated activism for domestic fowl
The pain of losing them is the price we pay for the privilege of knowing them and sharing their lives . . .
henny penny rooster
Photo: Courtesy of Chicken Run Rescue
Way to Go!

Henny Penny Rooster was one of three month-old chicks being sold at a farm supply store in Columbia, Tennessee. They were crammed together in a small wire cage on a hot day before Easter. Henny Penny and his two brothers were all bleeding. When I asked what could be done to help them, the owner said they just wring their necks and toss them out. So I said, "I'll take three bleeding chicks to go, please." – Laurie Montgomery. This winning photo appears in the 2012 Chicken Run Rescue Calendar for July. To order these wonderful calendars and submit a favorite photo of your own chicken(s) for this year's contest for the 2013 calendar, go to www.chickenrunrescue.org.

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richard cundari and fuzzy
Photo of Richard Cundari and Fuzzy by Karen Davis
Fuzzy was brought to our sanctuary in December 2010 by a very nice family in Northern Virginia to whom he was given as an "Easter gift." The family loved him but couldn't keep him in their urban home once he became a large duck, so they drove him to UPC where he has thrived in our care ever since. Fuzzy follows us around the yard while we work. He has a loud breathing voice so we nicknamed him the stalker, but he's a very nice stalker. Fuzzy has his own blue pool to swim and splash in, and he gets along great with the chickens.

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