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Winter 2015-2016 Volume 25, Number 3
Poultry Press
Celebrating 25 years of dedicated activism for domestic fowl
Franklin and J Ivy
On November 18, we adopted into our sanctuary the McCrow family of four Silkie chickens – J Ivy the rooster, and three little hens, Ray Ray, Spirit, and Teddles. Fostered by Friends Forever in Greensboro, NC until a permanent home could be found for them, the McCrows came from a children's museum that didn't want them after they were born. At our Open House on November 28, J Ivy took a special liking to UPC's Franklin Wade, who carried him clinging, as shown here, into the chicken coop for the night.

Inside This Issue

A Legacy of Compassion for the Birds

Free Ways to Help United Poultry Concerns Raise Much-Needed Funds

Going Home

Going Home is a painting by artist and Canadian farmed animal cruelty investigator Twyla Francois, who writes: “Sophie and her sister Katie escaped during loading for slaughter and hid in a ditch until we found them. They feared our hands for months. . . . Sadly, both Katie and Sophie died young from congestive heart failure.” Today’s turkeys have been so genetically modified for abnormal growth rates and sizes that heart attacks, lameness and other infirmities are commonplace in a bird who, in Nature, walks, runs, flies, even swims with pleasure and ease. Visit Twyla’s website, art gallery and store at www.twylafrancois.com.

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