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Winter 2017-2018
Volume 27, Number 3
Vol 27, No 3
Poultry Press
Celebrating 28 years of dedicated activism for domestic fowl
Gabby in the snow UPC Photo by Karen Davis
In August 2015, we adopted Gabby as a baby chick from Maryland. She was saved by a kind person who gave her to a fellow animal rights activist who brought her to our sanctuary, peeping nonstop. Gabby is now a full-grown beautiful and spirited hen, who runs up the brick steps each evening to sleep on our screened-in porch. When Gabby’s friend Felix the rooster died of a heart attack in our kitchen, on September 4, 2015, she ran to tell me about the terrible thing she had just witnessed and implored me with her loud peeps to follow her to the kitchen. Even as a baby, she knew something bad had happened. We are so grateful to have dear Gabby in our sanctuary.

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Frosty Sanctuary Chickens
UPC Photo by Karen Davis
It may be the Bleak Midwinter, but that doesn’t stop our chickens from being out and about in our sanctuary yard breathing the frosty air!

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