Praises for For the Birds: From Exploitation to Liberation by Karen Davis, PhD

“Dr. Karen Davis, founder of United Poultry Concerns, has spent three decades fighting for the most abused animals on the planet: chickens. The moving essays collected in For the Birds: From Exploitation to Liberation, not only track that fight, but make clear why these extraordinary animals matter, detailing the horrific worlds they live in before being killed. If you care about animals, you must care about chickens. This book proves that beyond any doubt.”
– Jasmin Singer, Senior Online Feature Editor, VegNews

For the Birds

“A remarkable book by an extraordinary woman, For the Birds is part memoir and part collection of essays all having to do with gallinaceous birds (chickens, turkeys, etc.) and how they are treated in modern human society. Some of the essays (chapters) are long and some are short but most deal with how chickens and turkeys are exploited and abused by the poultry industry. Several chapters instead deal with the natural behaviors of the wild progenitors of modern-day chickens and turkeys and how quickly chickens and turkeys revert to these natural behaviors, insofar as they can, when released from the cruel shackles of factory farms. I say insofar as they can because many of these birds have been genetically altered to incorporate various grotesqueries that add to their profitability from the standpoint of poultry farmers but condemn the birds to a life of disability and torment.

“Of particularly interest for readers already depressingly familiar with the ghastly treatment meted out to “food animals” are chapters dealing with the environmental and journalistic communities’ chilly reception of animal rights, and Dr. Davis’s own background before founding United Poultry Concerns, an organization unique in the world. “Deep ecology” obsessed strictly with the Big Picture and mainstream journalists more attuned to pandering to the wants and prejudices of their readers have scant time for the “little” cruelties being routinely visited upon the pre-mortem stars of their papers’ culinary section.

For the Birds is not an easy book to read for it is fundamentally a tragic tale of human misconduct only made palatable by Dr. Davis’s erudition, honesty, sensitivity and command of the facts. It should be required reading for anybody who utilizes poultry products (eggs, meat, feathers) and thereby becomes complicit in an enterprise of such scale and cruelty as to truly beggar the imagination. Nobody with a conscience who reads this book and seriously considers the issues it raises can ever be the same.”
George N. Bates, Amazon Customer Review

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