No One Came. The Baby Turkey Cries for His Mother in Vain

By Kathryn King, a longtime rescuer of turkeys and chickens in Ohio and a member of United Poultry Concerns

turkey on a branch spreading her wings over her poults

So nice and warm and safe here in my egg. I wonder what my Mom will look like? I keep trying and trying to come out and see my Mom. Oh my – I did it! I’m out! But where is Mom? Is she here, is she there, where is she?

But no one came.

Here I am with hundreds just like me. What is that strong smell? It burns my eyes. Some of my friends are dying. Someone, please help them!

Still no one came . . .

I am getting bigger by the day; so hard to stand and walk. So painful. No room to walk if I could walk. I see my friends lying lifeless – someone, please help them. I cry, but no one comes.

Finally, someone has come! They are taking us to crates and loading us on a truck, but why are they shoving us so tight? Can’t move or breathe. It’s cold and raining. Someone help us PLEASE.

But no help comes.

At last we are here. Now maybe we can get out of the crates. I got out, but they tied my feet. They are hanging us upside down. What did we do wrong? They are moving us – I see BLADES coming toward me!! I have to get Out of Here - SOMEONE HELP!

But no one ever came.

In her letter, Kathryn King wrote to UPC:

“This story has been on my heart for a long time. I feel it helps people to have an idea of what these dear creatures go through. They have done nothing wrong, yet they are put through hell. Hopefully, this message will touch people . . .

I miss my dear Molly. She was blind but so touched my heart and made life more tolerable.

Now the Lord has blessed me with a chicken with a deformed mouth. Her name is Little Bit. No one wanted her, so she is now a part of my life.

I care for two hundred chickens and seventy-five turkeys. I love them all and do my best for them.

Thank you for all you do for God’s precious birds. They are such special little lives.”

– Kathryn King, November 2022

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turkey in a pasture spreading her wings over her poults