24 April 2019

Help Us Build a Forever Home for Rescued Kaporos Chickens! Please Donate

Tamerlaine Cornish 4

Dear Friends,

United Poultry Concerns is partnering with New Jersey-based Tamerlaine Sanctuary in honor of International Respect for Chickens Day May 4 to construct a permanent home for chickens rescued from the Kaporos ritual each year in New York. United Poultry Concerns has pledged a matching donation of $5,000 for this lifesaving project.

Please help us raise the additional $5,000 that Tamerlaine Sanctuary needs for this project. The total itemized cost of the barn and pasture for the rescued Kaporos chickens is $9,986.


Since 2014, United Poultry Concerns has worked with Tamerlaine to rescue, house, and care for the fragile Kaporos chickens who knew nothing their whole life but misery until they were saved from being “swung,” slaughtered, and thrown into garbage bags on New York City streets.

Tamerlaine explains: “We are currently moving all of our rescued farmed animal residents to our newly acquired 336-acre property. The Kaporos rituals have become one of the most meaningful campaigns for our Sanctuary, and envisioning the home for these birds has been at the forefront of our minds. We are honored to have accepted many Kaporos chickens over the past four years. We have experienced miraculous recovery for some of the most desperate cases. Our philosophy of care and our exceptional attention to detail has led to our success with so many Kaporos chickens on the brink of death.”

Your generous tax-deductible donation will be used exclusively to construct the barn and safe pasture for chickens rescued from Kaporos. United Poultry Concerns will be honored with a plaque on the barn acknowledging our gift through the Alliance to End Chickens as Kaporos.

Please help us raise the $5,000 matching donation that will enable Tamerlaine Sanctuary to build their beautiful new forever home for rescued Kaporos chickens.


End Chickens As Kaporos

Thank You!

Tamerlaine Cornish 3
Photos of rescued Kaporos chickens courtesy of Tamerlaine Sanctuary.