10 May 2020

Unending Quarantine: We Are Not the Only Ones

By Ashley Capps, May 4, 2020

turtle standing on rear legs looking out a window covered in raindrops

“[T]his is not an argument about the evils of industrial animal farming and a need to simply shift to more so-called humane, bucolic forms of exploitation and slaughter. . . . These animals, from whom we have stolen so many dignities; the dignities of self-determination, of bodily and reproductive autonomy, of family, of wildness, and of inherent existential worth, live suspended in a Frankensteinian netherworld of separation, entirely outside the natural order their ancient instincts correspond to.”

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Unending Quarantine: We Are Not the Only Ones.

Overweight chickens lay in dirt unable to stand

“These are the innocent victims of our deluded species. They do not ‘live’ as we know and value the word. They endure an existence.” Chickens used for meat are bred to grow so grotesquely large and fast that most can barely walk at the end of their short lives, and many struggle to even breathe. The “broiler” chickens at this livestock show cannot even stand. Unparalleled Suffering Photography.