3 May 2021

Rudy in the grass

The Tragic Yet High-Spirited Life of Rudy the Rooster

By Shartrina White, Executive Director, Luvin Arms Animal Sanctuary in Colorado

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Rudy is such a proud Rooster.

He marches like a little soldier, fighting with love to protect his kind.

His gorgeous red comb and larger-than-life demeanor give an impression that he is dedicated to serving and protecting all of the chickenkind.

Despite the injustices inflicted upon him, Rudy is a chipper little guy who is quite active.

He looks after his hens when they are foraging, dustbathing, and nesting. Rudy keeps a sharp eye on everyone as a dedicated and responsible Rooster. He definitely supervises his ladies when people are in there with them.

We've noticed he will always pick out apples and grapes! At the same time, he is polite with his ladies and lets them have the fruit.

When his caretaker gives him little treats he always makes a noise when he grabs it! As if is saying "Thank You." Another proof of his polite ways.

Rudy was one of our first Roosters to do the Clicker Play program. It really opens people’s minds when he picks out the color yellow out of several other colors.

But Rudy has such a tragic story.

He was thrown out of the car window after his owner realized he was not a hen but a Rooster.

When Rudy first arrived at Luvin Arms he was so injured his leg was angled out from his body in a very awkward position. He could barely hobble around. Within a week his leg pulled into a more normal position and he consistently improved.

Rudy is truly an example of great emotional and physical resilience. He has come from being heartlessly tossed from a moving vehicle to being loved and adored by many.

Witnessing and supporting transformations such as this is one of the great rewards of being a part of Luvin Arms.

Join us tomorrow (May 4th) as we celebrate International Respect for Chickens Day by meeting Rudy.

Hear his heartbreaking, but not so uncommon rescue story.

You will learn about how awesome all roosters like Rudy are and how we can show them compassion in our everyday lives.

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I look forward to seeing you tomorrow.

With Love and Gratitude,

Shartrina with friend

Shartrina White
Executive Director
Luvin Arms Animal Sanctuary
(720) 515-8577

Rudy indoors