9 May 2023

International Respect for Chickens Day/month of May: Images and Words of Kindness and Respect for Our Feathered Friends

Dear UPC,
In honor of International Respect for Chickens Day I designed the attached images. I hope they will help to spread the message of kindness and respect for our feathered friends. Thank you for your inspiring and brilliant insights, efforts and love on behalf of birds.
Best wishes,
Beth Redwood

Even if chickens have never known anything but a battery cage, an industrial 
		compound or some such experience, when they are saved by a sanctuary, they are ready 
		to be on the earth, to experience the ground, the sunshine, and the trees, and the 
		natural life that isn't just an environment surrounding them but is an internal 
		environment, something which is alive and ready to be activated within themselves. 
		It's an inherent quality that can either be unfolded and realized or inhibited 
		and frustrated. ~ KAREN DAVIS

If animals have wings, they want to fly. If they have legs, they want to walk.
		If they have voices, they want to communicate. If they have offspring, they want to 
		nurture them. Having lives, they want to keep them. But these choices we have taken 
		from other animals. That is our legacy.- Colleen Patrick-Goudreau

One of the terrible things that we do to chickens and other animals whom we 
		incarcerate is to deny them the opportunity for their Earth Rights - to be on the 
		Earth in a way that suits their nature and brings to them the ultimate potential 
		that they have and want to unfold when they are free to do so and not prevented by 
		their captors, by their incarceration. ~ KAREN DAVIS

Chickens are not voiceless. We are their Voice in the world of other human 
		beings. We have to be their political voice, their vicarious voice. We speak for 
		them in the human domain. But they are not voiceless themselves and the have many 
		ways of communicating amongst themselves as well as with other species, 
		including ourselves. ~ KAREN DAVIS