28 December 2021

Petition: Tell American Veterinary Medical Association to Oppose Inhumane “Depopulation”

Thousands of chicks on a dirt floor
Photo: Delaware Public Media

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Petition: Tell American Veterinary Medical Association to Oppose Inhumane “Depopulation”

VSD and VSD Plus are methods for killing pigs and chickens in mass quantities. VSD involves “closing the facility, shutting inlets, and turning off the fans associated with the ventilation system.” VSD Plus “incorporates components such as heat, humidity, and carbon dioxide, in addition to shutting down the ventilation system.” Essentially, VSD slowly suffocates animals; VSD Plus suffocates them and bakes them alive.

Since Covid-19, meat processing plants have experienced employee shortages and diminished processing capacity. As a result, more facilities than ever are relying on VSD or VSD Plus to kill animals. And although many vets oppose VSD and VSD Plus, the AVMA enables this practice by listing VSD Plus as “permitted in constrained circumstances.”

Given recent scrutiny, an AVMA expert panel is giving these practices “further consideration.” While the AVMA reconsiders its official stance, sign this petition urging the organization to adopt a “not recommended” standard.

Oppose Ventilation Shut Down

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