United Poultry Concerns July 28, 2008

UPC Letter on Poultry Slaughter In The Baltimore Sun

Most people are horrified to learn that chickens, turkeys and other birds are subjected to painful electric shocks in U.S. slaughter plants (“Eastern Shore birds deserve a better end,” Commentary, July 12).

The shocks are designed to immobilize – not stun – the birds before their throats are cut. Research shows that the practice is extremely inhumane and is a big reason why millions of birds are scalded alive each year.

By contrast, Controlled Atmosphere Stunning, which is based on the use of inert gases such as nitrogen, eliminates a huge amount of suffering.

Rendered unconscious by the gas, the birds never wake up again.

For this reason, switching from electrical shocking to gas stunning should be supported by the poultry industry.

Thank you for your attention.

Karen Davis
Machipongo, Va.

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