Foie Gras Production Under Attack in California, New York

"These people are cramming huge amounts of food down the throats of ducks while children are starving." –Animal Protection & Rescue League

"Forcing food down a bird's gullet beyond the limits of its appetite will cause pain and suffering. Force feeding quickly results in birds that are obese and in a pathological state, called hepatic lipidosis or fatty liver disease." –Professor Ian Duncan, Poultry Welfare Specialist, University of Guelph, Ontario.
Photo By: PETA
Foie Gras
Duck with maggot-infested neck wound causedby force-feeding.

A lawsuit by the Animal Protection & Rescue League (APRL) and In Defense of Animals (IDA) alleges that the force-feeding of ducks results in "extreme, unmitigated pain and suffering as well as crippling injuries to the ducks, and that the owners of Sonoma Foie Gras are in violation of several sections of the California penal code on animal welfare. An APRL investigation of the farm last year revealed ducks too weak and overweight to defend themselves as rats gnawed on their wounds, documented at" (APRL press release, March 2, 2004).

To get rid of foie gras, California lawmaker, Senate President Pro Tem John Burton, has introduced a bill, SB 1520, that would ban foie gras from being produced and consumed in California. Burton told to the Sacramento Bee (March 1, 2004), "We just shouldn't be cramming a tube down a duck's throat and forcing in food to make foie gras."

California and New York are the only US states that produce foie gras; force feeding ducks and geese to make "fattened liver" is banned in Israel (effective March 2005), Germany, and several other European countries. For information:,, and For more information on bills to ban foie gras in California and New York:

What Can I Do?
  • California residents: Write to your California State Senator and ask him or her to support SB 1520. Senators can be mailed at the State Capitol Building, Sacramento, CA 95814. If you don't know who your state senator is, call 916-322-9900.
    For updates, contact or call 530-759-8106.
  • New York residents: Write to your New York State Assembly member and state Senator, and ask them to cosponsor AB 1821 and SB 5153, respectively. Assembly Bill 1821 and Senate Bill 5153 would amend the state animal cruelty law to make it "unlawful to force feed a bird, by hand or machine, for the purpose of fatty enlargement of the bird's liver."
  • For more information, contact or visit or call 607-583-2225 ext. 247.
  • Write letters to the editor against foie gras and against cruelty in all areas of animal food production. Urge people to buy the delicious vegan pâtés available at progressive grocery stores.
  • Order from UPC the video Delicacy of Despair: Behind The Closed Doors of The Foie Gras Industry. By $10