International Respect for Chickens Day, May 4, 2008 Listed in Chase’s Calendar of Events

Stick Up for Chickens in Your Community!
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Launched in 2005, International Respect for Chickens Day is a project of United Poultry Concerns designed to celebrate the beauty, dignity and life of chickens and to protest against the bleakness of their lives in farming operations. We encourage people to do an ACTION for chickens on or around May 4 – May is International Respect for Chickens Month!

Ideas include leafleting on a busy street corner, holding an office party or a library display, writing a letter to the editor, doing a radio talk show call-in, tabling at your local school, church or shopping mall, holding a classroom celebration, showing the movie Chicken Run, hosting a vegan open house – or simply talking to family, friends or strangers about the plight of chickens. For a minimum $5 donation, UPC will provide you with beautiful posters and brochures. Here is a sample of last year’s activities:

“My office set aside time to let me address International Respect for Chickens Day at our meeting that week, and I was very pleased at the result and the interest my co-workers showed.” – Chalon Carroll Young, Esq. Orlando, Florida

“I wrote a letter to the editor of the Messenger-Inquirer and journalist Suzi Bartholomy called to interview me for her article that said, ‘Because of her pet chickens, Ray has become a farm animal activist and will be celebrating her second annual International Respect for Chickens Day on May 4.’” – Sheila Ray, Owensboro, Kentucky

“Wanted to let you know that we celebrated International Respect for Chickens Day again this year. We had a blast! I did a really lively interview on one of Vancouver’s most popular late-morning radio shows, and my colleague took Henny, our six foot escaped battery hen mascot, out on the street to educate the public. What fun!” – Bruce Passmore, Vancouver Humane Society, British Columbia

“I teach at an elementary school in Miami Florida. For the last several years, my classes have celebrated International Respect for Chickens Day. The students really enjoy it and have a lot of fun while learning about chickens.” Rick Rizzo, Miami, Florida

“Just wanted to report back on International Respect for Chickens Day in Baltimore. We leafleted and distributed samples of mock ‘chicken’ in front of a McDonald’s in downtown Baltimore, then held a demonstration at a KFC stand at the Lexington Market. People eagerly took our mock ‘chicken’ nuggets, and we had all positive reviews!” – Erin Marcus, Baltimore Animal Rights Coalition, Maryland

Chickens - Always Our Friends, Never Our Food
“Chickens - Always Our Friends, Never Our Food” appears in the 2008 Genesis Awards Souvenir Journal March 29, and in the Souvenir Program Book of the American Anti-Vivisection Society’s 125th Anniversary Celebration Dinner April 5
Life Can Be Beautiful - Go Vegan!
UPC display ad “Life Can Be Beautiful” appears in Washington, DC Metrorail cars mid-April through May, in honor of International Respect for Chickens Month.