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See UPC on TV! – Video Available!

Virginia Public Television aired a great segment about United Poultry Concerns on its weekly program Virginia Currents on November 17, 2000. Filmed on location at UPC, the segment features UPC’s chicken sanctuary, including former battery-caged hens being placed on the grass for the first time in their lives and hens who fell off a truck on a Virginia Beach highway on their way to slaughter, who are now safe and happy. You’ll see our happy rescued roosters, and more. UPC president Karen Davis talks about UPC’s view of the role of animal sanctuaries, and the effect of debeaking on a hen is illustrated by a narrated close up. The episode, which was featured on a half-hour show that also includes a segment about a Virginia resident who rescues Siamese cats, can be ordered as follows: Send check or money order (no credit cards) for $21.95 (this includes shipping) to:

Virginia Currents Tape Order
C/o Gloria Larus
Community Idea Stations
23 Sesame Street
Richmond, VA 23235

Direct questions to Gloria Larus at 804-560-8121 or Shawn Freude at 804-560-8216.