Live Poultry Markets

Live Poultry Market Demos Need You!

By translating our Live Poultry Markets brochure into Chinese, Liqin Cao has made it possible for activists in Boston and New York City to hold successful demonstrations at live poultry markets where they;ve been handing out hundreds of brochures to customers and passersby. We thank Liqin for creating this powerful educational opportunity to reach out to the Chinese community.

What Can I Do?
  • SUPPORT THESE DEMONSTRATIONS! For information and updates about the live poultry demos in New York City contact Bonnie Blitstein at 212-367-6566. For information and updates about live poultry demos in Boston contact Richard Griffin, BRAVE, at 617-262-5761, Email:
Liqin and Freddaflower
Photo by Franklin Wade
Liqin Cao with Freddaflower