Hens Find Paradise on Maui

We adopted Lucy and Ethel, our new chickens one week ago. A veg couple on the island of Oahu posted a message on Animal Rights Hawaii News saying they were looking for a new home for the hens, because their yard was too small. The hens had been raised and loved by people and dogs since they were two day old hatchlings, and as a result, are very sweet and friendly.

We have three acres fenced in on our property on Maui, and there are no predators on the island such as coyotes or foxes. My husband built some nice nesting boxes and perches for the chickens in a sheltered area under our lanai, and the next day we went to the airport to pick up our new feathered friends. It was a 30-minute flight from Oahu to Maui and the hens were escorted by a friend of the Oahu couple who was traveling to Maui. We were so excited to be getting our first chickens. I had dreamed of it for years.

The hens are very compatible with our 16 cats. They bonded immediately. Lucy and Ethel are in heaven exploring the entire property. They have discovered the most bug-rich areas under trees.

We plan to adopt some more chickens soon. There is an egg factory on the island that sells spent hens, two tied together by their legs, for $3. The Koreans buy them for soup. I would like to liberate a bunch of them, without paying any money to the factory.

-- Laurelee Blanchard

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(Hens Find Paradise on Maui)