Activists Set to Ban Cockfighting in Arizona and Louisiana

"Forcing animals to fight to their death for human amusement is arguably the least defensible use of animals still legal in the United States."

Citizens Against Cockfighting, Arizona


An Initiative to Ban Cockfighting in Arizona in 1998

"Although no other state has had to resort to the initiative process in order to ban cockfighting, we have many reasons to be confident of success:

[Sensitive information about strategies used to ban cockfighting could be useful to our opponents. We have therefore removed this information from out site.]

What Can I Do?

You can provide much needed activist and financial support. Contact Jamie Massey, Chairman, Citizens Against Cockfighting, PO Box 17472, Tucson AZ 85731 (ph: 520-290-5585).

Mutilated Fighting Cocks in Tennessee
Mutilated Fighting Cocks in Tennessee
photos by Linda Howard
The mutilated bodies of these fighting cocks were found dumped
in trash bags along the water's edge in Kingsport, Tennessee


A Bill to Ban Cockfighting in 1997

"On behalf of all Louisiana animals subjected to the cruelty and indignity of being forced to participate in blood sports, we extend to United Poultry Concerns our sincere appreciation for your important contribution to the success of our recent cockfighting protest at Sunset Recreation Club.

We especially appreciate your notifying us about the study of feral chickens that was done on a small Australian island. The question of whether cockfighting is "natural" proved to be an important one for a number of the media representatives attending our protest.

"Our campaign to get a law against cockfighting in Louisiana requires that we persuade the citizens of Louisiana to contact their legislators to support the bill to ban cockfighting that Garey Forster will introduce in early 1997. Our proposed plan of action includes:

  1. Urging Louisiana's humane societies to urge their members to contact their state senators and representatives to support the bill.
  2. Seeking opportunities to discuss cockfighting and Mr. Forster's bill on television and radio between now and the opening of the 1997 legislative session.
  3. Kindling public interest by staging a candle-light vigil in Baton Rouge coincident with the opening of the 1997 legislative session.
With such efforts and hard work, 1997 can be the year that Louisiana becomes the 46th American state to ban cockfighting."

What Can I Do?

You can provide much needed activist and financial support. Contact: James Riopelle, M.D., President, Coalition of Louisiana Animal Advocates, PO Box 3636, Pineville LA 71361-3636 (ph: 504- 583-6322).

United Poultry Concerns was proud to be honored by the Coalition of Louisiana Animal Advocates with a beautiful Certificate of Appreciation awarded to United Poultry Concerns on April 20, 1996, "For Making an Important Contribution Towards The Prevention of Cruelty to Animals."