In Memory of Petri

by Kelly Nelson
"Dear UPC, My best friend Petri, a 2 1/2 year old cochin rooster, died from sinus problems and possibly loneliness when I was in the hospital last winter. I hadn't seen him in almost 3 weeks and never got to say goodbye. I think about him every day. I put roses on his grave. I miss him so much."
Petri, a handsome young rooster,
my dearest friend,
while I was gone
your life had to end.
I'll never forget
your sweet smiling eyes
you knew many ways to earn a surprise.
You'd beg at the door
till I let you in,
when I let you out
you'd come back again.
I remember the times
when I felt real blue
you'd walk up to me
& I'd talk to you.
I miss you so much
you'll never know
because you left me
Why did you go?
No one will ever
replace you, my friend.
I'll love you forever,
until the world ends.

Kelly Nelson is a sophomore in high school in Norcross, Georgia. We thank Kelly for sharing her beautiful poem in memory of Petri.