Victory for the Marina Village Ducklings!

Duck illustration by Millie Holderread
illustration by Millie Holderread

When people from around the country learned that the Marina Village housing community in Alameda CA refused to add ramps to their steep 5-acre lagoon, the manager was swamped with mail and phone calls. Resident activist and wildlife rehabilitator Karen Benzel launched a successful campaign to save the ducklings who for 5 years drowned in the lagoon because of a lagoon design flaw. She advocated simple rock ramps or other escape routes. In April, Benzel announced victory: "We now have a compassionate Board President and a New Management Company who worked with me to install duckling escape ramps," Benzel said. The media and the entire San Francisco Bay Area rallied to save the ducklings.

United Poultry Concerns was happy to assist in this victory through our Action Alerts in PoultryPress. To everyone who protested on behalf of the ducklings, thank you! Contact Karen Benzel, Waterfowl Preservation Committee, 1055 Independence Drive, Alameda CA 94501 (510/814-7227).

In Memory of Beloved Ducks

Katie July 27, 1993 - April 5, 1996

United Poultry Concerns wishes to thank Karen Benzel for her kind and generous memorial gift "In memory of Katie, mother, sister and friend, and Gabrielle, who loved her. The Great Drake, who protected three generations, joined her May 8th, 1996. He never was the same after her death and died one month later."

Katie, Beloved Duck
photo by Karen Benzel