Ira Glass is Moved by His Visit to UPC to Stop Eating Chickens and All Meat

Many of you will remember UPC's campaign from 1997-1999 protesting the Poultry Slam hosted by public radio personality Ira Glass on This American Life. Aired on NPR between Christmas and Thanksgiving, the poultry slam ridiculed chickens, turkeys and ducks. Asked for an interview, UPC president Karen Davis accepted on the condition that Glass would first visit our sanctuary and meet our birds. He came on November 22, 1998, met our chickens, saw how innocent they were, and included our interview on his November 27 show: "In this portion of our show," he said, "Karen Davis explains what it is that we just don't understand about poultry, and why the whole idea of this poultry show was wrongheaded from the start."

On July 3, 2004, Ira Glass was a guest on the NPR program Wait, Wait, Don't Tell Me. He started talking about the Poultry Slam and how he had received hundreds of letters from irate animal rights activists spearheaded by one woman (Karen Davis of UPC). He said he thought it was so stupid that with the holocaust killing of hundreds of thousands of chickens every day, we would target his show, as if it would make any difference. He said he went to our sanctuary and saw that some of our birds were shy and others were outgoing. After that, he thought of our chickens every time he ate chicken. Someone asked Ira when he last had chicken. He said about 5 years ago, that he has given up meat and that we had the last laugh.

What Can I Do?

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