News Briefs

UPC Protests Flesh – Oops “Fresh” – Fields' Sale of Dead Ducks in Washington DC

“Don’t Be a Sinner, Ducks are Not Dinner”
“Get Quacking, Go Veg”
“Please Let Me Live”
“I Want to Swim in a Pond, Not in Your Soup”
“I Mate for Life, Not for Your Knife”
”Ducks are Divine, Go Veggie This Time”
–Songs by Katya, UPC duck rescued from DC slaughter market.

Seven dedicated UPC activists demonstrated for two hours on a cold Sunday night at the Tenley Circle Fresh Fields on February 11th. We handed out hundreds of the excellent brochure produced by Viva! “Free as a bird,” to an overwhelmingly receptive crowd. Our poster of a duck imploring “Please Don't Eat Me” led one man to say, “I'm certainly not going to eat ducks anymore.” Many vouched that ducks would never again be their dinner. For “Free as a bird,” Action Alerts, and membership information contact Lauren Sullivan, director at or go to, or call 404-315-8881. Or write to Viva! PO Box 49023, Atlanta, GA 30359.

Free as a Bird