Protest to Whole Foods Market

John Mackey, CEO
Whole Foods Market, Inc.
602 North Lamar, Suite 300
Austin, TX 78703
Ph: 512-477-4455; fax:1069
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Whole Foods is swallowing up major "healthfood" store chains and is now testing the sale of ostrich and emu at many of the stores they now own including Fresh Fields and Wild Oats. In addition to the horrible cruelty to ostriches and emus including lassoing, causing many to stop eating permanently as well as to suffer a chest-muscle death from terror known as "capture myopathy," these birds are not "low cholesterol." Their flesh has the same 25 milligrams of cholesterol per oz. as chicken, pork, beef, etc. and it occurs mainly in the lean muscle tissue.

Investors in ostriches and emus are now trying to dump their birds on a market that doesn't want them. A rancher who thought he'd get rich raising and slaughtering ostriches in New Mexico discovered there's no market: "It's pretty hard to separate the ostrich hype from reality" (Albuquerque Journal, May 12, 1997).

British Airways removed ostrich from its menu in October 1996 in response to worldwide disgust. They wrote: "Please know that this service was a trial and due to passenger and public dissatisfaction it has been discontinued."

Seeing an ostrich in Tanzania's Serengeti National Park recently, Hillary Rodham Clinton told The Washington Post, March 28, 1997, "An ostrich in a zoo is a sad, bedraggled thing. Out here, he looks so noble just walking across a field."

What Can I Do?

  • Tell Whole Foods not to carry ostrich or emu. Tell them to promote versatile cholesterol-free foods derived from plants, such as Chicken Style MEATofWHEAT.

    Dear UPC,

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