UPC gratefully takes this opportunity to thank Richard Griffin and his Boston-based group BRAVE, for holding a FOR THE BIRDS WALKATHON for United Poultry Concerns on May 17th. BRAVE's fundraiser, which raised over $700.00 for our relocation to Machipongo, included a major demonstration in front of Ming Lee Fresh Poultry Market. For further live poultry market actions please contact Richard Griffin at 617-262-5761.

UPC also thanks Doreen Dykes, president of Alliance for Animals in Virginia, for graciously holding a fundraiser for UPC at Virginia Beach, and Bonnie Blitstein, for organizing a successful Spring Vigil for Chickens at a Green Live Poultry Market in Flushing, Queens, New York on May 2nd. Bonnie, who rescued a hen who is now safe, had our Live Poultry Market brochure translated into Korean. Bonnie Blitstein is scheduling more live poultry market demos. Please contact her at 718-428- 8523 (home); 212-367-6566 (wk).