31 July 2020

Kukkuta standing on a deck

UPC photo from Rescue of Kukkuta by Hope Bohanec

Role of the Rooster
– Father, Lover, Brother, Food-finder, Guardian, Sentinel

By Karen Davis, PhD
Published by Vegan India

What is the role of the rooster is a question that people often ask. Previously, we have had articles by Dr. Karen Davis, President of United Poultry Concerns explain about the hen as a symbol of motherhood and elucidate very admirable and interesting facts about baby chickens. The goal of correcting our perceptions about chickens would not be complete without describing the role of the rooster and discovering what amazing creatures roosters truly are.

This week’s article by Dr. Davis is on the inner lives of roosters based on years of her staying in close proximity with them. Her fond anecdotes about them make at least one thing clear – the role of roosters on Earth is to simply be themselves! We urge readers to note how contrasting life is for roosters who are forced to fight cockfighting matches in many places of India, still! Alas, that’s the only context in which we have some information, albeit skewed information, about roosters.

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