21 November 2018

Remembering Dear Turkeys - Two Short Videos Show Different Worlds


The Sheds Were Already Empty

Thanksgiving Tragedy: A Visit to a Turkey Farm


A group of UPC activists in Northern California wanted to go to a turkey farm a few days before Thanksgiving to pay their respects to the birds destined for slaughter. When they arrived, they were heartbroken to find they were too late, the sheds were empty, and there was nothing but a sprinkling of white feathers and silence. Please watch and share this important video and witness the reality of this heart wrenching holiday:



UPC Hosts Happy Thanksgiving for Turkeys:
CBS Channel 9 Eyewitness News (1994)

UPC Thanksgiving Dinner for Turkeys


Forty people attended a festive Thanksgiving celebration at UPC in honor of Wanda and Willow, two rescued factory farm turkey hens adopted from Farm Sanctuary. Washington, DC's CBS channel 9 provided excellent coverage of our dinner as did local radio stations and The Potomac Almanac newspaper. Allan Cate read aloud to an entranced audience including Wanda, 'Twas the Night Before THANKSGIVING, by Dav Pilkey, giving thousands of TV viewers a chance to see a turkey enjoying herself in friendly company. PSYeta president Ken Shapiro's son, Joel, contributed a wonderful story about three turkey gobblers who got away!
As for us -

"We feasted on veggies
With jelly and toast,
And everyone was thankful
(The turkeys were most!)."


'Twas the Night Before Thanksgiving book cover

'Twas the Night Before Thanksgiving - $6.99