13 August 2020

Gerald, Oakland's Rose Garden Turkey, Still at Large

Gerald the turkey in the Rose Garden
Gerald in the Rose Garden.

“We would watch Gerald up in the tree, he would sing his song for the whole neighborhood to hear,” said Linda Meu of Oakland.

Many people are eager for the latest on Gerald, the turkey who’s been living a long time in the Morcom Rose Garden, a park in Oakland, California. In June, he was said to pose a danger to park visitors. CA Fish & Wildlife were going to shoot him, but public support for Gerald, including a petition with over 13,000 signatures thus far, redirected the focus to capturing and relocating him, preferably to Animal Place sanctuary in Grass Valley, CA, where he would receive excellent care.

On Aug. 12, ABC News ran a story about Gerald and the conflicts surrounding him. Regrettably, my interview yesterday with ABC News reporter Laura Anthony was stalled by an internet problem we’re currently experiencing on the Virginia Eastern Shore. Friends-of-Gerald activists, Molly Flanagan and Gay Bradshaw, spoke to the camera on his behalf. – Karen Davis, United Poultry Concerns

Watch: ‘Gerald,’ Oakland's combative turkey, standing his ground as city crews try to track him down

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Gerald standing on sidewalk with people watching traffic. Photo: Mike Taylor
Gerald on the sidewalk.