25 November 2021

Young girl giving a hug by wrapping her arms around a turkey

Sharing the Love & the Loathing

Karen Davis, PhD, President, United Poultry Concerns

This photo was posted on our Facebook page Nov. 25 as a comment by our friend, David Soard, in response to my Nov. 23 article “Traditional Thanksgiving: Where the ‘Sacred’ and the Profane Intersect.”

Meanwhile, mainstream media like The Washington Post and National Public Radio will not SHUT UP their litany of turkey recipes and “Turkey Day” hypermania.

Thus, on this tedious day of dreary “thanksgiving” and euphoric myopia in standardized America, I offer the following thought by the Reverend Andrew Linzey:

“[T]here is something distinctly odd, even perverse, about an international spirituality that cannot celebrate our relations with other creatures.” Theologians, he says, who are “eager, sometimes over-eager, to see incarnational resonances within almost every area of human activity (art, music, poetry, dance) . . . look with astonishment at the idea that our relations with animals might be an issue worthy of spiritual, nay incarnational, concern.”

In solidarity with the victims of human apathy and insatiable craving for innocent blood, United Poultry Concerns wishes every ethical vegan, a very happy thanks-giving day.

Meme with two turkeys and Start a new tradition of compassion... Happy Vegan Thanksgiving