23 November 2022

Thanksgiving Day in America: Everyday in America

Ritual Preparation Behind the Scenes

Aerial photo of turkey growing buildings

Shane Zoglman, who describes in Poultry Press working earlier in his life on a battery-caged hen farm and a turkey farm, shot this footage of turkey concentration sites and killing locations, and scenes of them freezing in trucks where he lives, in Dubois County, Indiana. He sent his video to us November 22nd to share as we wished.


In “I Feel So Bad for These Turkeys Hauled on Freezing Nights,” Shane told UPC: “These days I do not buy guns and ammo to kill animals with. I buy binoculars to enjoy watching them with, and instead of putting effort into killing, I put effort and money into taking in animals that need a home as well as trying to spread some of the message in my own way that things need to change.”

I posted a thought on the YouTube channel featuring Shane’s video. Feel free to add your own.
Karen Davis, United Poultry Concerns

Truck loaded with turkeys in unprotected cages along snow covered fields