2 August 2019

Robin the chicken wrapped in a blanket and craddled

Robin: Rescued from the Dead,
a New Film by Unparalleled Suffering

This poignant, haunting and excruciating film by Unparalleled Suffering documents the rescue from a plastic trash bag of a “dead” chicken – a baby rooster – who was slaughtered during the ritual of Kaporos in Brooklyn, New York last fall along with thousands of other chickens. Watch Robin’s amazing recovery from trauma and terror as he experiences human love and medical care at Penelope’s Place sanctuary in New York.
— United Poultry Concerns

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Robin: Rescued From the Dead debuted on Sunday July 28 at the Animal Rights National Conference. Vanessa Dawson of Penelope’s Place and Karen Davis of United Poultry Concerns moderated the Q & A session following the film. It is an honor to introduce this film to you now. Robin has begun crowing and is doing very well, Vanessa told us last weekend.


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The Alliance to End Chickens as Kaporos

United Poultry Concerns launched the Alliance to End Chickens as Kaporos in June 2010. Since then, the activist activities in New York have grown and diversified with the goal of eliminating the use of chickens in the Kaporos ritual and replacing them with non-animal symbols of atonement.


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