24 April 2020

Teenager holding chicken being judged

“Disregarded” Shows the Plight Chickens Face

Disregarded is a scorching new 3-minute video on the plight of chickens. In the words of the investigative filmmaker, Unparalleled Suffering: “Disregarded is my new video that highlights how we treat others with absolutely no regard for their bodies and feelings. When we have regard for others, we don't use and control them and we don't needlessly harm and kill them.”

He continues: “It's a powerful exposé on the reality of chickens used for food including scenes from live bird markets. I thought you might be interested in sharing it.”

Disregarded includes poultry judging shows, specifically what they call “the market broiler show. The winners and runner-ups get auctioned off and then go to slaughter, and the rest get immediately sent to slaughter.” This show, aimed at 4-H and FFA (Future Farmers of America) students, was filmed at two different Texas fairs.

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Chicks crowded together

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