15 June 2020

Banner with Hope Bohanec holding a chicken

Unjust Farm Subsidies and Systemic Racism in the Food System with Connie Spence

In episode 4 of UPC’s Hope for the Animals Podcast we talk with Connie Spence, an outspoken vegan and anti-oppression activist whose work addresses a range of justice issues. In this podcast we will discuss using creative tactics in vegan activism, systemic racism in the food system, and unjust farm subsidies.



Connie Spence is the founder of Vegan Justice League and the Agriculture Fairness Alliance. The Vegan Justice League educates vegan advocates about the issue of farm subsidies, and the Agricultural Fairness Alliance is a federal lobbying group influencing legislation to bring fairness back to farm policy by ending subsidies and bailouts.

Connie has utilized creative tactics in her vegan activism. Using a large stage light, Connie has projected vegan messages onto buildings that could be seen from half a mile away. These seven-story tall projections have been shown in diverse locations such as on the Staples Center, on Las Vegas hotels, on freeways in Los Angeles, and many other prominent locations.

Now, through her two sister organizations, she is dedicated to educating the community about how the food system is monopolized and rigged by livestock farmers and what we need to do to solve it. Agriculture Fairness Alliance is sponsoring federal legislation that will divert subsidies to programs that help struggling animal farmers transition to sustainable, plant-based, cruelty-free farming. Learn more about how to support this legislation here.


UPC’s Hope for the Animals Podcast covers a variety of farmed animal issues including the ethical, environmental, spiritual, heartbreaking, and heartwarming aspects of living vegan. The podcast will feature engaging conversations with special guests on the critical reasons for living a vegan lifestyle covering issues such as the humane hoax, effective communication and outreach in animal advocacy, and current events that are relevant to the protection of animals. We hope you will enjoy this fresh and innovative form of outreach and help us by sharing it with your online community.