11 August 2020

Banner with Hope Bohanec holding a chicken

UPC’s Hope for the Animals Podcast has enjoyed a robust listenership in the first three months with over 1,000 downloads. That is well above average compared to other new podcasts. In a short time, we have gained an impressive international reach as well, with listeners from over ten different countries.



In Episode 8, Hope offers her thoughts about the seemingly inescapable question posed to vegans, “Don’t plants feel pain?” She then interviews Lisa Levinson, director of In Defense of Animals’ Sustainable Activism Campaign. Lisa is also the founder of Vegan Spirituality, a group that explores veganism as a spiritual practice. More recently, she co-founded the Interfaith Vegan Coalition, a group that fosters an inter-religious collaboration to address animal cruelty.

In this episode, Lisa and Hope discuss faith-based vegan advocacy, compassion fatigue, and spiritual support for vegans. Lisa also talks about her work with the National Goose Protection Coalition, which provides resources to help stop the slaughter of wild geese.

Thank you for listening! We appreciate your ongoing support for UPC’s Hope for the Animals Podcast.