24 August 2020

Banner with Hope Bohanec holding a chicken

Are There Ethical Eggs? and
Exposing “Humane” Labeling

In the latest episode of the Hope for the Animals Podcast, Hope will answer the question, “Can there be ethical eggs?” Some people are learning that humane labels like “cage-free” and “free-range” are misleading consumers about the treatment of the animals, yet they believe there are still other ways to find “ethical” eggs. Some think they can find a “better” egg at a farmer’s market, a small farm, or from a neighbor. But are those eggs truly ethical?



Next on the show we have an informative interview with the Animal Legal Defense Fund’s Kelsey Eberly. Kelsey is a Staff Attorney with the ALDF who will share her experience exposing humane-washing in animal agriculture. On behalf of ALDF, Kelsey files false advertising lawsuits that uncover cruel farming practices hidden behind humane labels.

Join us for Episode 9 as we explore the fascinating world of animals and the law, and expose more of animal agriculture’s dirty secrets.