22 January 2021

Banner with Hope Bohanec holding a chicken

We are wrapping up the Reason for Vegan Series with three final installments. Supplemental to the full Hope for the Animals Podcast episodes, the Reason for Vegan Series comprises short segments exposing the truth about the animal agriculture industry. In each segment, we delve into specific reasons to choose a vegan lifestyle and uncover dark secrets the industry doesn’t want you to know.


In the eighth installment of the Reason for Vegan Series, Hope talks about fish; who they are, what their lives are like, and why we should care about them. Hope will reveal the emotional, cognitive, and complex lives of fishes. Science is discovering so much about our underwater cousins and Hope will dive into that research and help us answer questions about pain, parenting, emotions, communication, memory, and more.



In the ninth installment of the Reason for Vegan Series, Hope exposes the fishing industry. Hope explores the different commercial fishing methods and how they affect fishes. She explains how fish farming can be even worse than catching and killing fish in the open ocean for individual fishes and the environment. She also dives into the impacts of fishing on the planet and the state of our oceans.



In the tenth and final segment of the Reason for Vegan Series, Hope talks about the environmental impacts of animal agriculture. Hope exposes the detrimental effects of breeding and raising billions of animals and how this significantly contributes to climate disruption, massive energy and fossil fuels consumption, deforestation, water waste, and water pollution. She also explains why switching from beef to chicken flesh is not a better ecological choice. Hope lays out why a vegan diet is by far the most positive action we can take for the planet.



The Reason for Vegan Series is supplemental to our regular episodes and is perfect for pre-vegans who want to learn more about animal agriculture and veganism, so please share this series with your non-vegan friends. This series is also great for new and existing vegans to get in-depth information about the animal farming industry so they will be excellent advocates for all animals.