28 January 2021

Banner with Hope Bohanec holding a chicken

An Unshakable Call To Action

At just 25, Erin Wing started investigating the chicken industry, dairy facilities, and aquaculture. For two years she faced isolation and fear of discovery in order to document the reality of animal agribusiness and to show those images to the world. Erin now tells the stories of the animals she encountered and uses her experience and expertise to guide other investigators in the field today. Join us in bearing witness with this amazing young woman to the brutal cruelties of the animal agriculture industry.

Erin said, “As investigators, we put ourselves in the cages with the animals, for years in most cases, and no one understands what those animals are going through more than the investigator does. We exist in solidarity with them, we see them every single day, we think of them when we’re awake, and when we are trying to fall asleep. Every single day they are on our minds and even when we leave the field and go back home, we’re still there with them.”