5 June 2022

Karen holding Buffy
UPC sanctuary photo of Karen & Buffy by Davida G. Breier

Chicken Webinar Video Presentations Ready to Watch & Share!

Dear Friends,

The Humane Hoax Chicken Webinar presentations recorded live on May 21 are now posted. You can find them in two places, on the Humane Hoax website video page and on the Compassionate Living’s YouTube page.

In this webinar, UPC president Karen Davis, PhD provides an eye-opening look at the use of chickens in agricultural research & experimentation to facilitate the poultry and egg industry.

Please view and share this outstanding Chicken Webinar video compilation with your social media networks!

Thank you for helping to give chickens their Voice in a world that has so much to learn from them and about them!

“Chickens – To Know Them is To Love Them!”

United Poultry Concerns