2 October 2022

Chicken in a cage

Jidori Chicken:
As Good As It Gets for Chickens?

Slaughter Free Network’s new video exposes the gap between public relations and the truth of chicken “production.” It is fitting to view and share this video on World Day for Farmed Animals Oct. 2nd. This annual Day calls for compassionate care and action for the billions of earthlings who never, from their wretched conception to their miserable (therefore merciful) death, experience a “nice day” or any joy of ever being on earth.

Jidori Chicken: As Good As It Gets for Chickens?

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YouTube blocked the video for anyone without a subscription so SFN has added the video to Facebook:

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Slaughter Free Network urges:

Please take action by watching and sharing our brand new video. Jidori Chicken advertises that “all animals, especially those raised for sustenance, should be treated with respect and raised cruelty free.” Its chickens appear on high end restaurant menus for $40 to $60. But behind the scenes lurks some of the worst animal abuse and filthy conditions we've ever seen.

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Thank You for choosing plants over “poultry.”