11 September 2019

Order Your 2020 Chicken Run Rescue Photo Contest Calendars Now!

Greetings to UPC Supporters from Chicken Run Rescue!

Bob McGrath laying on the floor with six hens perched on him

Winning Chicken Run Rescue calendar photo of
Bob McGrath and his lady loves by Colleen McGrath.

Plus 11 more priceless photos (including one of UPC’s “winning” hens)!

The theme of this year’s contest showcases the publication of For The Birds: From Exploitation to Liberation (order online at upc-online.org), authored by Karen Davis, President of United Poultry Concerns. 100% of proceeds from these beautiful 2020 Chicken Run Rescue Calendars fund chicken care at CRR.

Great gifts for people who already know and love chickens and for those who will see them in a new light – off the plate and embraced in the heart.

Order here:
2020 Chicken Run Rescue Photo Contest Calendar


Help all animals by adopting a vegan diet.

Help individual chickens by adopting them as companions.


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