United Poultry Concerns March 14, 2006

Pier 1 Drops Feathers from Pillows

In January 2005, United Poultry Concerns joined Viva!USA in urging Pier 1 Imports to stop using duck feathers in their pillows (www.upc-online.org/ducks/11105pier1.htm).

Viva!USA announced on March 9 that Pier 1 responded to activist pressure:

“Pier 1 has already made a strategic business decision to carry only fiber-filled pillows, and therefore will no longer carry feather-filled pillows in the future.”

In fact, it was activist pressure that convinced Pier 1 to drop the pillow feathers, and we’re grateful. United Poultry Concerns joins Viva!USA in thanking everyone who responded to our Alerts urging people to contact Pier 1. Thank you!

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