Condemn CBS for Killing Chickens on “Kid Nation”

Children on the CBS children’s show “Kid Nation” slaughtered two chickens on Wednesday night September 26. The episode pitted children who wanted to save the chickens, whom they were caring for, against children who wanted to kill them. The cruel children won and slaughtered the hens with a hatchet.

In a letter to CBS Chairman Leslie Moonves, UPC wrote: “Parents have begun to fear allowing their children to tune in to CBS as a result of the callous and irresponsible behavior towards helpless animals and child actors that appears on your network. Those of us who deal every day with the torture and killing of birds and other animals by children and teenagers and defective adults are disgusted that CBS would contribute to this conduct.” The letter can be read on our Website at The video episode has been posted by UPC on YouTube at

What Can I Do?
  • This is not the first time CBS has killed live animals for ratings. In 2001, United Poultry Concerns condemned the CBS show “Survivor” for having contestants behead a rooster and stab a pig to death on the air. Leslie Moonves, head of CBS, is responsible for these episodes. Please protest to him and request a written response.

    Leslie Moonves, Chair & CEO
    CBS Television Network
    7800 Beverly Boulevard
    Los Angeles, CA 90036-2112
    Phone: 323-575-2669
    Fax: 323-653-8276

    You can also leave a message on CBS’s Website, Scroll down to CBS Cares, click it on, then go to the bottom of the page and click on Feedback. Fill out the form and leave your message.