Action Alert

Stop Production, Distribution & Sale of Cruel, Obscene Rubber Chicken Toy

Please write to the company, OddzOn. This company manufactures a rubber replica of a plucked dead chicken with its legs tied together for “Ages 3 and up.” The chicken is sold with a tootsie roll pop or other candy or object rammed down the bird's throat. It appears in drug stores and convenience stores and possibly toy departments and toy stores. The item encourages children and others to regard animal suffering and death as amusing as well as having pornographic implications. In response to UPC's complaint, Rite Aid pharmacy pulled the item from 22 Virginia-based stores in October, for which we thanked them. To date we have not yet received a reply to our letter to OddzOn asking the company to stop producing the rubber chicken. However Tootsie Roll Industries wrote to UPC that Tootsie Roll is reviewing its connection to the rubber chicken in response to our complaint, as the company does not wish “to promote cruelty to animals or send a negative message to children.”

What Can I Do?
  • Urge OddzOn to stop producing and distributing the rubber plucked chicken toy. Contact:
    Customer Service
    OddzOn, Inc.
    50 Technology Court
    Napa, CA 94558
    Ph: 707-251-3700
    Toll Free: 800-755-6674
  • Urge Tootsie Roll Industries to disconnect its candy from the rubber plucked chicken toy. The company told UPC it is reviewing our request. Contact:
    Janet Vasilenko
    Consumer Relations Administrator
    Tootsie Roll Industries, Inc.
    7401 South Cicero Avenue
    Chicago, IL 60629
    Ph: 773-838-3400; fax: 3534
    Toll Free: 800-877-7655
  • If you see the rubber plucked chicken at any of the Rite Aid stores, contact:
    Mary Sammons, President & Robert Miller CEO
    Rite Aid Corporation PO Box 3165
    Harrisburg, PA 17105B Toll Free: 800 RITE AID (748-3243)
    Thank Rite Aid for promptly removing the rubber chicken from 22 of its Virginia stores. Urge Rite Aid to remove the rubber chicken immediately from all of its stores.