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Good News for Turkeys and Ostriches

Turkey Race Cancelled in England, Ostrich
Race Cancelled in Spain, Due to Protests

“These sensitive birds can become easily frightened and injured with so many strikes against them imposed by thoughtless people, of which these proposed ‘races’ are prime examples”
– United Poultry Concerns President Karen Davis, PhD

A turkey race proposed by an internet betting company to be held at a greyhound stadium in South London, in December, was cancelled in response to overwhelming protests by animal advocates in the US, UK, and elsewhere. The company, Blue Square, announced its decision to drop the race confronted by "the fact that people do not perceive it" as humane. An RSPCA spokesperson said the race "adds insult to an already abused animal." United Poultry Concerns joined the RSPCA and Farmed Animal Action to urge that the race be cancelled.

A similar victory was celebrated in October when a proposed use of ostriches to run with bulls through the streets of Fuengirola, Spain was cancelled by the Mayor "as a result of complaints received by animal rights groups and individuals."

African ostriches with their young.
African ostriches with their young.
Photo by Stone Images