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Winter 2008-2009
Volume 18, Number 4
Vol 18, No 4
Poultry Press
Chosen one of the BEST Nonprofit Publications by UTNE magazine

Benjamin, one of our beloved sanctuary roosters, was left one cold day at the bottom of our yard next to the road. We found him alone and shivering in a plastic box, with a brick on top. When we introduced him as a new resident to our sanctuary, all of our chickens – including the other roosters! – welcomed him into their flock. Everybody loves dear, sweet Benjamin.

Photo of UPC Resident Benjamin from an upcoming book from No Voice Unheard (www.NoVoiceUnheard.org). © Davida G. Breier & No Voice Unheard, 2008.

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Chicken Family Out for a Stroll, Hyderabad India

Chicken Family Out for a Stroll, Hyderabad India

Photo by: George Slatin, New York, NY USA. Reprinted with permission by Mary Britton Clouse of Chicken Run Rescue. This photo appears with other beautiful winning photos of chickens in the Chicken Run Rescue Calendar 2009. To order a calendar, contact: chickenrunrescue@comcast.net. To view photos, visit: www.brittonclouse.com/chickenrunrescue/.

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