United Poultry Concerns 29 October 2002
Protest to Orbitz-Again!
Though the discount airline company Orbitz wrote to UPC and many other protesters months ago that its "Pluck the Chicken" ad was pulled in response to our protest, the company has not kept its word. The offensive ad keeps appearing. Orbitz wrote to an angry person on October 28: "Recently we had an uproar about our Pluck the Chicken pop up ads. They were removed as we did not realize it would cause such offense. If you have found a stray [Pluck the Chicken] pop up, please contact the website where it was found. Should you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to contact us."
What Can I Do?

Please contact Orbitz and tell them to order the companies they contract with to pull the Pluck the Chicken ad immediately. Orbitz can pull any Orbitz ad it wants. It isn't the public's job to do their job. Protest to any company that runs this ad, but also protest directly to Orbitz. Orbitz is combining irresponsible advertising with dishonesty and is thus alienating many potential customers.

Contact Orbitz Customer Service at

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(Action Alert - Protest to Orbitz-Again!)

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